Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Boy Scouts

If you frequent the library in the afternoons this month, you might think it is boy scout month at the library. During September, one of the requirements for a communication pin for the cub scouts, is that the boys visit a library and use the card catalog to find a book and then check it out. You wouldn't believe the number of young scouts we have in this area and they all come in hoards to visit us in September. It is a challenge presenting a tour for this age of scout. Most do not have a long attention span and the little they have, they don't focus on the library. They would like to know how soon they can go on the elevator, where is the bathroom, where do those stairs go? Racing through the library, twirling spin racks, sliding down the bannister's - full of energy. Hopefully, the boys find a book or subject that interests them or they discover the librarian isn't as mean as they thought - maybe she actually has some good suggestions for a book they will enjoy reading. Wednesday afternoons and Connie, our young adult librarian, seem to get the brunt of the scout tours. I would be interested to hear some of the questions that Connie has gotten on her tours. I'm sure she has some stories to tell. How about it, Connie?


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