Thursday, September 4, 2008

Imagine how many people are Reading a book right now!

Reading is one of the most popular leisure activities around the world. Here is a list of other activities people are doing right now. Taken from the book Pick Me Up, David Roberts and Jeremy Leslie, DK Publishing.

350 Million people are Daydreaming

4 Million are Kissing or being Kissed

35 Million people are Riding in a car

350,000 people are Playing Soccer

5 Million people are drinking a Coke

5.5 Million people are on the Internet [like you :)]

320 Million are Watching T.V.

22 Million are Brushing their Hair

2 people are in Space

2 Billion people are Sleeping

11 Million children are misbehaving

1 Million people are Sending Text Messages

110 Million are using the Bathroom

Just a fun bit of trivia. There is loads more in this fun title that will fascinate children and adults alike.

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