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Nora Roberts - Books & Movies

I was visiting with a patron the other day and she told me how much she loved the books by Nora Roberts. Nora Roberts has been a very popular author at our library for many years and hearing the comments about her just made me remember that some of her books have recently been made into TV movies by Lifetime.

Sometimes a movie can be a great introduction to an author. So if you've seen some of them, maybe you'd like to read the book too. Or, if you're already a Nora Robert's fan, maybe you'd like to see the movie that aired on Lifetime. They are available to view online for a limited time, just go to and look for a link to the 'Nora Roberts Movies Online' or for their online movies.

Below are the books they've made in to movies. If you haven't read it yet, why not check it out!

Book Cover Angels Fall
By Roberts, Nora
2007/05 - Jove Books
9780515143171 CHECK CATALOG

Roberts explores the wilds of the Grand Tetons--and the mysteries of love, murder, and madness--in her engrossing and passionate new novel, a #1 "New York Times" bestseller now in paperback. Basis for the Lifetime Original Movie, starring Heather Locklear. ...More

Book Cover Blue Smoke
By Roberts, Nora
2005/10 - Putnam Publishing Group
9780399153068 CHECK CATALOG

BookPage Notable Title
The blaze that night at her family's pizzeria changed young Reena Hale's life. Now as a fire investigator, she tries desperately to trace the origins of the taunting phone calls she's receiving, the fires, and the hatred aimed in her direction. In doing so, she will step into the worst inferno she has ever faced.

Book Cover Tribute
By Roberts, Nora
2009/04 - Jove Books
9780515146363 CHECK CATALOG

The #1 New York Times-bestselling author presents her latest blockbuster novel, the story of a big-screen legend, a small-town scandal, and a young woman caught up in the secrets and shadows of both. ...More

Book Cover Carolina Moon
By Roberts, Nora
Robertson, Dean
2000/03 - Brilliance Audio
9781567404944 CHECK CATALOG

Her life torn apart by her childhood friend's brutal murder, Tory returns to the North Carolina town where it all happened, hoping to get peace from the haunting visions. As she forges a new bond with her friend's older brother, she isn't sure whether the tragic loss will unite them or drive them apart. Unabridged standard play recording. ...More

Book Cover High Noon
By Roberts, Nora
2007/07 - Putnam Adult
9780399154348 CHECK CATALOG

Police Lieutenant Phoebe MacNamara is Savannah's top hostage negotiator, defusing powderkeg situations. Now, she must establish contact with a faceless tormentor who is determined to make her a hostage to fear, before she becomes the final showdown. ...More

Book Cover Montana Sky
By Roberts, Nora
1997/05 - Jove Books
9780515120615 CHECK CATALOG

When Jack Mercy died, he bequeaths a ranch worth nearly $20 million to his three daughters, each born of a different marriage. The women are shocked to learn that before they can inherit, they must live together on the ranch for one year, putting their bitterness aside and living like a family. ...More

Book Cover Northern Lights
By Roberts, Nora
Littman, Gary
2004/10 - Brilliance Audio
9781593551957 CHECK CATALOG

After his partner is killed in a shootout, Ignatius "Nate" Burke resigns from the Baltimore PD and takes a job as Chief of Police in the frontier town of Lunacy, Alaska, where the winters are as dark as the remains of his heart. But Lunatics, he discovers, come in all shapes and sizes, and someone is willing to kill to protect their secrets. Unabridged. ...More

Book Cover Midnight Bayou
By Roberts, Nora
2006/08 - Jove Books
9780515142860 CHECK CATALOG

A New York Times Bestseller
A Literacy Guild Main Selection

There was something about Manet Hall that called out to Declan Fitzgerald, as the Boston lawyer purchases the grand old mansion in New Orleans, trading his briefcase for a toolbelt. But as he begins renovations, he starts feeling inexplicable sensations of terror . . . and nearly unbearable grief. ...More

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