Tuesday, May 26, 2009

From My Point of View - Book Review

The second book in the Barnes Murder Squad Series, Our Lady of Pain by Elena Forbes, won't disappoint fans of Die with me.

In the second installment of the series, Forbes continues the story of Mark Tartaglia and Sam Donovan as they solve the murder of a successful art dealer, Rachel Tenison, who's body is found hidden away in the trees at Holland Park. As Mark tries to understand the victim and who may have killed her, he comes across an unsolved murder from several years earlier. The two cases have uncanny similarities and yet Tartaglia can't see a link between the two victims. Are they dealing with another serial killer, or are two murders in their midst?

Forbes brings us farther into the lives of Tartaglia and Donovan as they struggle to catch a killer before someone else turns up dead.

Both books in the series are great reads for fans of British mysteries and police procedurals, but if you haven't read Die With Me, I'd recommend starting with it first.


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