Friday, May 8, 2009

Sample Books in 5 Minutes a Day in Your e-Mail

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The library is now offering online book clubs. What exactly does that mean, you might ask. Well, when you sign-up for a club you'll be introduced to a new book every week by receiving a 5-minute read in your e-mail Monday-Friday. By the time the week's finished you've usually read the first 2-3 chapters of the book.

After you've started the book in your e-mail you can decide if you'd like to finish it or not. If you'd like to, just check the library's catalog. If we don't have it, you can always request that we get a copy. There are also online discussions to join if you want to chat with others about the book you're reading - and it's a national chat, several of which will include the book's author.

If you decide it's not your kind of book, just wait till the next Monday and a new book will be coming.

The clubs sometimes even post notes about a book's content at the start of each 5-minute read. For example, this note appeared right before the read on one of last weeks titles: *This book contains adult language.

There's 12 clubs to choose from and you can sign up for as many or a few as you'd like. Sign-up now so you don't miss the first e-mail. (Although you can go back and catch up.) Next Week's books include:

Book Cover Gym Candy
By Deuker, Carl
2007/09 - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH)
9780618777136 CHECK CATALOG

An award-winning author explores the dark corners of the heart of a young football player as he struggles for success, in this novel that tackles the issues surrounding the players decision to cross the line. ...More

Book Cover Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts
By Benedict, Laura
2008/12 - Ballantine Books
9780345497697 CHECK CATALOG

The devil comes to Cincinnati in this dark and gripping novel that is as scary as classic Peter Straub and as sexy as Nora Roberts. ...More

Trouble in Mudbug
By DeLeon, Jana
2009/02 - Love Spell
9780505527844 CHECK CATALOG

The first book in a new series. With the wisecracking ghost of her mother-in-law hounding her, a sexy half-Creole office mate ready to seduce her, and a killer on the loose, Maryse Robicheaux is feeling the heat on the Louisiana bayou. Original. ...More

Book Cover The Betrayal Game
By Robbins, David L.
2009/03 - Bantam
9780553588224 CHECK CATALOG

Set during the Cuban missile crisis of 1961, this what-if thriller forces readers to question what "could have" happened--maybe even what "should have" happened--in the weeks before the Bay of Pigs invasion. ...More

Book Cover Multiple Blessings: Surviving to Thriving with Twins and Sextuplets
By Gosselin, Jon
Gosselin, Kate
Carson, Beth
2008/10 - Zondervan
9780310289029 CHECK CATALOG

Kate Gosselin tells the amazing story of how she and her husband have survived the overwhelming odds of birthing not only twins but also sextuplets in three years, and how they continue to strive every day to honor Christ while he teaches them to thrive in spite of emotional, financial, social, and physical exhaustion. ...More

Book Cover The Memory of Water
By White, Karen
2008/03 - New American Library
9780451223036 CHECK CATALOG

On the night their mother drowns, sisters Marnie and Diana Maitland discover there is more than one kind of death. There is the death of innocence, love, and hope. Each sister harbors a secret about that night--secrets that will erode their lives as they grow into adulthood. ...More

Book Cover The Book of the Dead
By Preston, Douglas J.
Child, Lincoln
2006/06 - Warner Books
9780446579865 CHECK CATALOG

Continuing the breathtaking story begun in the "New York Times" bestseller"Dance of Death," Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child present the ultimate showdown between good and evil--set against the backdrop of an ancient Egyptian curse. ...More

Book Cover The Year We Disappeared: A Father-Daughter Memoir
By Busby, Cylin
Busby, John
2008/08 - Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
9781599901411 CHECK CATALOG

With their lives unraveling around them, the Busby family left everything and everyone they had ever known--and simply disappeared. As told by both father and daughter, this is a harrowing true story of a family, a brutal shooting, and the year that would change their lives forever. ...More

Book Cover Ghostwriter
By Thrasher, Travis
2009/05 - Faithwords
9780446505581 CHECK CATALOG

After Dennis Shore is stricken by a paralyzing case of writer's block and a looming deadline, he claims someone else's writing as his own. He thinks he's gotten away with it until he's greeted by the true author of the stolen manuscript. Dennis finds himself on the brink of losing his career, his sanity, and even his life. ...More

Book Cover Who Said So?: The Questions Revolutionary Businesses Ask That Make Them Successful
By Parker, Michael E.
2008/01 - John Wiley & Sons
9780470212806 CHECK CATALOG

In "Who Said So?, " Michael Parker introduces you to the unique leadership philosophy known as Value-Centered Management. Using the exciting, creative format of a business narrative, the book contrasts the familiar pains of traditional business management with Value-Centered Management by contrasting the opposing style of father and son managers. Following this enlightening business tale, you'll learn how to focus your business on what your customers truly value--and how to turn that into new business and profit. ...More

Book Cover Cauldron
By McDevitt, Jack
2008/11 - Ace Books
9780441016501 CHECK CATALOG

In 2255, veteran star pilot Priscilla "Hutch" Hutchins spends her retirement supporting fundraising efforts for an organization devoted to deep-space exploration. Soon, Hutch finds herself on the verge of discovering the origins of the deadly Omega clouds that continue to haunt her. ...More

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