Friday, May 1, 2009


I received an email this week introducing the Shmoop website at

This is an educational website for high school and college students written by Ph.D. and Masters students from Stanford and Berkeley. You can search under Literature, US History, Poetry, and Book Club. Taking a look at the US History tab and the Civil War it gives a brief history of the war, a "Why should I care" section, tabs to look "In-depth", "Test Reviews", "Opinions", "People", and "Best-of-the-web". The "best of the web" section gives you lists of suggested books, movies, and music. I wish you could have listened to the music, but the site takes you to amazon where you might purchase the music. The photos were great and it would have been neat to see more of them. The historical documents were interesting but I'd like to have seen them in the original format too. I wanted to navigate to a previous page when there wasn't one and I got a page telling me "drat and thunderation, the page you are trying to visit fell into a black hole at the center of the Shmoop galaxy" - so you can see its written in a form young people will enjoy. The site is really is fun to look around.


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