Monday, June 8, 2009

No internet and the cookbook section

All the computers are down and the circulating system is barely trying to function. Most of my every day work has to be done on the computer so I can’t do much. I notice some of the shelves are a little full in the cooking section so I decided to see if I could fix that by taking a few books out of the collection that aren’t circulating much.

It is interesting to see how the library population of Brigham City feels about their cuisine by the cookbooks they check out. If the low or non-circulating books are any indication then the people of Brigham City aren’t much into seafood recipes – well, who can blame them? How fresh is the seafood we purchase in Brigham City? It seems that people don't want to try the time-consuming, gourmet recipes by some famous chef either – even if the book was on the NYT best seller list. For example, Mario Batali (he’s an Iron chef), Paul Wolfert, Jonathan Waxman, Charlie Trotter, Jaques Pepin aren’t moving very well.

The books that do move the best are the make-a-mix or make-ahead cookbooks, homestyle, meals-in-minutes, anything made easy, slow cooker, easy Mexican, essential Mormon, cookies, desserts, and weight-watcher cookbooks. Brigham City patrons want their food easy, quick, and low-cal!


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