Monday, June 15, 2009

Book Sale Over

We've been boxing up books left from the book sale this morning and we had many, many books left. It was a huge sale this year even though we had to hold it early due to pending construction. It was actually a good time for the sale because we had a lot of families in and out of the library looking for books to start the summer off. We probably had more consistent foot traffic in and out of the sale this year than when we hold it in August/September. The bag sale did not end as well as it does at Peach Days, however. Usually, we can clear out most of the books during Peach Days. People must be in a spending attitude then and they want a bag of books for a $1 even if they are weird non-fiction titles like the best political speeches of 1981 to 1985. The people attending the Heritage Festival are a little more low key when it comes to buying a bag of books.

Tomorrow the Ogden Rescue Mission and the Worldwide Book Drive will come and pick up the remaining boxes of books and we hope they find good uses for them.

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