Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday musings

I was all set to be chatty this morning because I felt the words were just ready to flow. Sometimes, writing for the blog can be hard. You don't have an idea or it's hard to express the idea. I have to admire newspaper writers for always being able to write something day after day after day - coming up with interesting text for topics they might not be interested in. I was just finishing up my Saturday morning tasks and sat down to write when the Internet went down. It was funny because the clerk and I had just been talking about how so many businesses depend on their computers and Internet connections these days, so much so, that you can't do business with them when their computers are down.

I know this isn't library business, but I went to the Ogden Nature Center last night for one of their concerts and it was wonderful. It was like a mini Red Butte Garden's concert but not as hectic or crowded. You take your folding chair or blanket and a picnic, if you like, and everyone sits close enough to see the entertainer's faces. You can even visit with them afterwards or during intermission. The only down side is finding your way to your car in the dark afterwards as the Nature Center doesn't have any outside lighting to their parking lot.

Most of you probably read that Dominick Dunne passed away this week at the age of 83 from bladder cancer. While trying to find information about him, I spelled his entire name wrong and came up with Dominique Dunne and the photo of a good looking young woman who had been murdered in 1982 by her boyfriend. It turns out that this woman was Dominick's daughter and his career started from this tragedy. He had been a television and film producer for two decades until drugs and alcohol ruined him. He started his life over as a writer with his first article for Vanity Fair - an account of the trial of the man who killed his daughter. Throughout his life, Dunne was a vocal advocate of victims' rights.

We have five of Mr. Dunne's books at our library: "An inconvenient woman", "Justice: crime, trials, and punishments", "People like us", "A season in purgatory", and "The two Mrs. Grenvilles".

This has taken me all afternoon to write - a busy day at the library. Time to straighten and get ready to close.


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