Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tis the Season

It is the season for shopping for the perfect electronic gift. On Black Friday think about purchasing an ebook reader for a special someone. Barnes and Nobel Booksellers has the new is the same price as the Kindle, but it is sold out til the first of the year.

Kindle is sold by Amazon.Com. The Kindle is down to about $250, the same as the new Nook.

Sony Reader is around the same price and you can download ebooks from your public library. Brigham City Library has been purchasing ebooks for about a year, mainly nonfiction (science and computers), but some fiction ebooks and we will be purchasing more. You can also get hundreds of classic ebooks from Brigham City's Netlibrary Account.

I myself started using my Blackberry as an ereader by purchasing books from That is how I read Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" at a cost of 9.99 on pre-order. I like the size of the blackberry....yes it takes 3 page loads to equal a page...but I do not have to buy another gadget. And the most popular application purchased for an Apple i phone is an e reader app. I now have about 10 to 15 books on my Blackberry, I love it.


Anonymous said...

How do I get the playstation 3 to connect to the internet....I've hooked up the ethernet cable from my computer to the ps3 and had the ps3 run an internet connection scan with no luck....It always displays connection failed....Please help.

Anonymous said...

Linux developer Terra Soft today announced the launch of its Yellow Dog Linux operating system for the Sony PlayStation 3 game console.

Anonymous said...

Ok so i have a couple quesiton about the playstation 3: 1.How can i use the web like a computer. I know how you can use the keyboard but can you use a USB mouse? 2.How can you make it the internet is as fast as a laptop wireless internet if i can? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Netflix will begin streaming movies and TV shows to PlayStation 3 consoles in the US from November: