Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Trudging to the Academy Building

I'd just like to put in a good word about the stalwart young ladies that trudge daily over to the academy building to pick up the non-fiction requests for our patrons. Each day, when they get here from school, they pick up a load of books that have to be returned to storage at the academy. This requires filling either boxes, book bags, or the little red wagon (which hasn't worked since it snowed) and lugging them to the academy in all kinds of weather. Sometimes we'll have a load of boxes and bags and that can get pretty heavy, let me tell you.

Like most teenagers, they don't always remember to wear their coats and boots - who would want to wear their boots here everyday? not me. We've finally gotten the city to clear a path to the front door of the academy so they don't have to pick their way through the snow. They walk through the city parking lot, out to main street, down half a block and into the academy. For awhile, we couldn't get in the front door so they had to skirt around the building in the snow and under the drips.

Once the girls get into the building, they have to search through boxes for the books that are requested. This kills an old lady's back having to bend over enough to see the numbers on the books inside the boxes but it doesn't seem to bother the girls (thankgoodness). Of course, there is no light over there and on a cloudy day, it can be rather hard to see. In addition, there is also no heat and there is still a lot of dust hanging around. Cough, cough.

Please appreciate the girls for their effort and make sure you pick up the books you request. We want you to have them!


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