Monday, February 22, 2010

Storytelling Abounds This Week!

What a great week for great stories! Weber State is hosting their annual Storytelling Festival at the Peery Theatre, Eccles Conference Center, and WSU on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for FREE. Brigham's Fine Arts Center is having outstanding storytellers on Friday and Saturday nights at 7:00 for a paltry $2, and art displays on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and you can even buy soup for lunch!
Storytelling is such a great way to entertain, learn, laugh, and remember. Isak Dinnesen, a marvelous storyteller who wrote Out of Africa, penned one of my favorite lessons~ "All sorrows can be borne when put into a story..." And we all have stories to tell! Another added bonus is that one's "reading improves if they learn to tell stories," and in this day and age anything that can aid children with comprehension, sequencing, story structure, and character, without a worksheet or quiz is a big plus!


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