Saturday, April 24, 2010

Home repair websites

Since it is Saturday and a beautiful day outside, I bet most of you are working in your yards or on all those items around the house that seem to need fixing in the Spring. Here are some websites that might help you with those little (or big) honey-do's.

An excellent site for step-by-step troubleshooting and repair of common household problems, from plumbing to insect control. Also has suggestions and tips for basic home maintenance that are terrific for those who just don't know where to begin.

An entire cable channel dedicated to home repair. Hundreds of video downloads are available free. Designed to promote the network (Sweat Equity, Bathroom Renovations, etc.) the site is somewhat cluttered and requires some exploration.

HGTV HGTV's website - need I say more...

From the Planet Green channel, this site teaches viewers to repair and renovate their homes using environmentally friendly products and methods. It's an excellent resource for finding green companies and products nationwide.

Has thousands of videos available which demonstrate repair, remodeling, and design; it is a smorgasbord of DIY detail. Navigation of the site is a bit cumbersome but the information is reliable and thorough. Difficulty level and average times for completing projects are also included.

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