Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Job Searches

Many people in Brigham City are looking for work right now due to layoffs. The library is on the opposite end of the spectrum because we are actually looking for new employees - three of them! We will be losing two pages and one clerk within the space of 2 months. This will be a very hard transition for us because we have formed a very tight bond with these exceptional employees and it will be hard to see them go. The pages put the books back on the shelves for us every day - we couldn't live without them; the carts fill up so fast with returned books. The clerk works at the front desk and checks books out to our patrons and they are definitely the heart of our operation.

I read, recently, about a free search engine for job searches which was the listed in the 2008 Best of Free Reference Web sites put out by the American Library Association. This is a comprehensive, turbocharged search engine which enables job seekers to review millions of available employment postings on thousands of company and career sites and job boards. The site is very easy to navigate allowing you to look by job title or location. Each job listing gives the title, description, company name, location, qualifications, salary, source of job listing, and date posted. Embedded links enable the user to apply directly for the jobs. Another feature of the site is the ability to create a job alert that notifies the user via email whenever new jobs matching his or her profile are posted.

I tried this search engine to look for the library page and clerk positions but the closest it came to finding them was a library position in Logan at Utah State so the search engine does not search workforce services where we have our positions listed.

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