Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Library Page Position

We received the applications for the library page position today - 55 of them for two job openings. Sometimes, we are lucky to get eight applications for this position; times must be hard. We went through everyone of them and wished we could interview many, many more than the city personal department will let us. We had to cut it down to 11 applicants to please them. We are very, very sorry to those of you who applied and who will not be getting a call from us. We know you would have been a benefit to the library and you love reading and being at the library. We know many of you and know you are frequent library users. If only we'd had weeks to interview. Instead, we have had to cram all the interviews into two days because that is all the Human Resource Director, who helps us interview, has available before our current page leaves. So, do not take this personally if you applied and were not called - it is the timing of it all and it did not work out this time - maybe next time. We liked you all.


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