Tuesday, August 24, 2010

September Is All About Literacy

As hard as it is to believe that it is almost September, it is even harder not to chuckle when you think of Congress convening and voting on it also being National Family Literacy and Adult Education Month. September 8 is recognized as International Literacy Day around the world.

It seems appropriate to think of families reading together as school starts again. There are always papers to be found at the bottom of book bags (what happened to safety pinned on their shirts? THOSE I could find) and disclosures to be signed by the students in middle and high school--(can you imagine THOSE safety pins?!) but how many do you really read? I remember when we had children in 4 different schools and trying to get through all of the papers and parent-teacher conferences. There was always at least one of them who would suddenly remember it was at the bottom of their locker. But the last of the kiddoes headed off to college and I wish I could tell you I miss it all, but if I'm really honest---not so much.

We did love reading--individually or as a family. We were always talking about stories in the newspapers, Readers Digest, National Geographic, or swapping good books. That is something we still do to this day and I still love it. So I encourage YOU to enjoy September and the joys and innumerable benefits of reading as a family.

Box Elder County Literacy Program

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