Saturday, September 18, 2010

Headstart visits the library

Centro de la familia de Utah brought 60 preschool Headstart students and their teachers to the library on Wednesday for a tour of the library and a story.

As much of a challenge that 60 preschoolers present, it becomes twice as hard with the Spanish/English language barrier to contend with. Many of the students had never been to a library before and this was a new, exciting and sort of scary place for them. We began their visit with a song of welcome, followed by a short discussion about how to take care of a book and protect it from damage. Connie took half the group for a walk around the library while I stayed in our auditorium with the others and read stories and sang some more songs. The highlight of the trip was doing the jumping and counting song by Jim Gill. Those who were struggling with the language barrier could follow along just fine because everybody can jump and even I can count to 10 in Spanish! Then we switched and did it all again.

As the group was leaving the director asked if we carry spanish language material. I told her that we do and we also have some bilingual materials as well. Connie laughed later because that had been a major part of the tour! Maybe the director missed that as she struggled to keep everyone safe and together. If you have need for Spanish language materials, come in and check out our selection! If you need more information on Centro de la familia de Utah, check out their website,

Michele, Children's Librarian

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