Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A mess at the library (again)


One really needs to come in to the library on a consistent basis to keep up with everything that changes from day to day. I just got back from a little road trip to Idaho and surprise, surprise, everything at the front desk was moved around and there were big holes in the ceiling. The rain Saturday must have been heavy enough to make its way through the roof or a pipe (they haven't decided which yet) and landed right on the check-out computer. What a scramble it must have been to get everything to safer and drier places and still be usable. I'm glad it wasn't me having to deal with it. It seems that the really weird things happen while Connie is the librarian in charge so, of course, it happened on her shift. She's a pro at remaining calm and collected. Then there's the continual leak over in the children's department that they thought they fixed, but I guess they didn't. They've been trying to figure out that one for more than a year now. They did work on the roof during our seismic upgrade but, apparently, the fix didn't work - the joys of a flat roof. So, here we are living with holes in the ceiling and books on carts until the roofing crew comes back to look at it again. I hope they find the causes and we don't have to live with leaks another year.


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