Wednesday, November 17, 2010

City meetings

We just came back from a city meeting about defensive driving, slips and falls, and our insurance coverage. The driving video they showed us made me very aware of all the things I do in the car that take my attention away from what I am doing. One of the big ones might be changing the audio cd that I am listening to. My car cd player takes 6 cd's and I try to have enough cd's in to cover the length of the trip but sometimes they don't. Then I am rummaging around trying to find the next cd and put it in. I am sorry to admit that. Sometimes I look in my purse for something too, like gum or my phone - that is another no no. I don't normally use my cell phone, however, because I can't drive and dial and I know it.

The other issue they covered were slips and falls because that is a big work (and home) related issue. The video they showed us was almost like watching America's Funniest Home Videos; I don't know why we can laugh at someone else's pain. I guess that is why we don't want anyone to see us when we fall down - we know they might laugh. Sometimes that is the biggest hurt with a fall - our pride.

Lastly they talked to us about our insurance coverage which we are very glad to have, but the price has gone up 15% this year and co-pays have increased. Insurance is very confusing to me; I admire the people who work with insurance coverages as they must be geniuses. As we were leaving the meeting, I was talking to Nancy Green, administrator of the senior center. She said she was very busy with appointments to help seniors with the new medicare plans. I think this is a wonderful service that the city offers to seniors. Nancy can make sure they get the best plan for them. If you know a senior or are a senior who is having trouble figuring out which medicare plan is best for you - call the senior center and get some help.

Whew! sorry that one is so long - that's the AARP site.
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