Wednesday, December 22, 2010

High Spirits

The season is upon us and spirits are high - especially for about 10 young people who are in the library tonight. They've been here since before I came back to work at 6 pm and now its almost 8 pm. It is nice to have young people in the library and I wish we had a space for them to be the exuberant people they are. They have been loudly visiting, flirting, and giggling in the children's area until they got bored and made a sweep of the library trying the elevator a few times while they are at it. Screaming in the elevator brings mean-old-me over to caution their noise and suggest they might want to take their energy outside. They take the suggestion and leave, for a bit, but it must be more boring outside than here and they're back. They've strewn puzzle pieces all over the floor along with candy wrappers and other papers. They want to know if bending someone else's finger or pounding them in the leg is sexual harassment. They're driving me a bit crazy but I hope they've felt comfortable at the library and I hope they come back - I just hope maybe they'll sit and read a book next time.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad there wasn't an extra room where they could go pop in a DVD or something. At least they were staying out of trouble, relatively speaking.