Thursday, March 3, 2011

Storytime Review

Hair! Hair! It's Everywhere!
This week in our children's classes we talked about hair. We read The Hair book by Graham Tether, This is my Hair by Todd Parr, Daddy's Scratchy Face by Edith Kunhardt and No Haircut Today! by Elivia Savadier. Other great books on this subject are Stephanie's Ponytail by Robert Munsch and The Runaway Beard by David Schiller and Marc Rosenthal, both of these titles are good for older kids as well.
We talked about who has hair, like people and bears and who doesn't have hair, like turtles and fish. Oddly enough I noticed that The Hair Book said that whales don't have hair and Daddy's Scratchy Face says that they do. My best guess is that they do because they are mammals, luckily none of the kids noticed this and asked.
We used The Body Care song from the CD It's Fun to Clap and followed the actions, pretending to wash our hands and brush our teeth etc. Then the kids drew a crazy face on a paper plate and we glued 1" strips of curling ribbon on for hair. We had multi-colored red, blue, green, pink and orange hair. An easy and fast craft that turned out cute.
Kids had fun!
Michele, Children's Librarian

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