Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Best audio voice

Few audiobook narrators achieve in such a short time the heights of Katherine Kellgren, our 2011 Voice of Choice. In seven years, she has narrated just over 150 books and received numerous awards and accolades, including eight starred reviews in Booklist, 20 Audie Award nominations (including 11 this year), and 4 Audie Awards (including best Solo Female Narration). She is the only audiobook reader who has narrated four Odyssey Honor audios. Younger listeners recognize her as the distinctive voice of Faber, a girl posing as a boy who embarks on rousing historical maritime adventures, or as Sherlock Holmes' clever younger sister, Enola, in Nancy Springer's series,( The case of the Cryptic Crinoline). Teens and adults appreciate the polished accents and spot-on interpretations she brings to such titles as Madeleine Wicham's clever novels of women's lives, The Wedding Girl and Sleeping Arrangements.

(Excerpt from Booklist magazine June 1,2001. Article by Joyce Saricks)

Our library has 36 audiobooks read by Katherine. Many of these are available as books on cd and are found on the shelve - others are books you can download from our website through netlibrary.

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