Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cookery at the Library

Hard to imagine, at hot as it is, that July is a pretty busy month for food. It is National ice cream, baked bean and hot dog month. Today is Fried Chicken day, tomorrow is Chocolate and Strawberry Sundae Day, Saturday is Sugar Cookie Day - July 12th brings Pecan Pie Day, the 15th is Tapioca Pudding Day, the 17th is Ice Cream Day, the 19th is Raspberry Cake Day, the 21st is Junk food day, the 23rd is Hot Dog and Vanilla Ice Cream Day, July 28th is Milk Chocolate Day, July 29th is Lasagna Day, and July 30th is Cheesecake day.

These hot summer days are a good time to barbecue and make salads you can throw together without cooking. Thinking of food made me wonder a bit about our cookbooks - do people use cookbooks like they used to? Is it easier to use the Internet for recipes than a cookbook? Many patrons once came in to ask for help finding a recipe in a cookbook. Now they type it into the computer and come up with hundreds of recipes right at their fingertips. When do you use a cookbook and when do you use the Internet to find a recipe?

Cooking is a very popular subject right now - tons of cooking shows, food magazines, and always new cookbooks. Do you like browsing through a cookbook? Will they always be a popular item at the library or would you rather read them on your Nook or Kindle? It seems hundreds of cookbooks are published each year and it always hard to pick which ones to buy on a limited budget. What type of cookbooks do you like the library to buy? Gourmet? Quick and Easy? Healthy? Ethnic? Preserving? Baking? I'd be interested to know.


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