Friday, December 9, 2011

Giving In A Season Of Giving.

Giving in a season of giving

Thank a Worker 

The invisible ones.
The guys who pick up your garbage. The custodian who cleans up the school. The bus driver. The kid who gathers the grocery carts. Your mail carrier.
I got this idea from another blogger that I follow.  Thanks, Lyric!

What ideas do you have for ways to thank them. I'm thinking of standing out when our garbage truck driver comes through and handing him a gift. They drive by in the big robot trucks so the driver doesn't usually get out of the truck... I'd have to get his attention some how. 
It's so much fun to see them think of little ideas they can do to make someone feel better. My husband is a teacher.  He gets little Christmas gifts from his students.  What about giving a little gift to the secretaries,  the custodian, the woman who copies for all the teachers.  Don't these workers need a little lift at this season of giving, just as much as the teachers.

Join me and try to give a kind word, a compliment, or a small gift to say thank you to someone who usually is not thanked in this season of giving.

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