Thursday, December 1, 2011

Story time Review

It's snowing at the Brigham City Library!

Well, it looks like snow but it was really white glitter. I usually avoid the sparkly stuff since it is so messy but what would a snowflake crown be without a little sparkle? We had a great time in our Story time classes this week learning all about snow and snowflakes. We played a match the snow flakes game with snowflakes made from different types of wrapping paper. We had red snowflakes and green ones and polka dots and stripes too! The children liked seeing all the different types of snowflakes we had. We danced to the Snowflake pokey and Snowflake, Snowflake from the CD H.U.M. All Year by Carole Peterson. The older classes also played another matching game to see if they could find matching objects, like pennies, inside plastic eggs. We talked a bit about "the same" and "different", some objects were the same color, some were made out of the same thing like plastic, and some sounded the same when shook inside the eggs.

We read a lot of fun books about winter and snow, Snowy, Blowy Winter by Bob Raczka, Waiting for Winter by Sebastian Meschenmoser, Snow by Cynthia Rylant, A Kitten Tale by Eric Rohmann, and my personal favorite is Dream Snow by Eric Carle.

Originally I had planned to make a snowflake ornament using wooden craft sticks then gluing on the gems and glitter. I was supposed to get 150 sticks painted but the weather was never warm enough and I didn't get them painted earlier in November when the weather was nicer. So at the last minute I decided on snowflake crowns, which were beautiful and easy since I have a snowflake pattern for our die cut machine. I had a bit of trouble finding the right kind of glitter. I wanted some that was really white and since my shopping options here in town are very limited I had to travel 30 minutes to Logan to the Michael's store to get what I wanted. Of course, the only day I had to get there was on Veteran's Day, when I had a day off. Our Walmart only had white glitter in a kit, and I didn't want to buy and entire kit just to use one color because like I said I usually avoid the messy sparkly stuff. I hope our janitor can get it all up with the vacuum!

Next week: Snowmen
Michele, Children's Librarian

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Mike and Shara said...

My son loved storytime--especially the crown. He wore it all day and told people he was the snow king. Thanks!