Thursday, February 2, 2012

Story time Review

Did you remember your Underwear?
For story time this week I wanted to use two books by Claire Freedman, Aliens Love Underpants and the sequel Dinosaurs Love Underpants. These two stories told in rhyme feature crazy Aliens having fun in the undies hanging from the clothesline in your back yard and dinosaurs fighting over caveman undies made from woolly mammoth fur. They are pure silliness for a purely silly subject that always brings giggles from preschoolers. We supplemented these with additional titles like Underwear Do's and Don'ts by Todd Parr, No! That's Wrong by Zhaohua Ji, and Animals should definitely not Wear Clothing by Judi Barrett.

We decorated a picture of an undershirt and some underwear with stickers and glitter and sequins because everyone loves a fancy pair of underpants! We sang and danced to the tune Ants in Your Pants from the CD Wild and Woolly Songs by Johnette Downing.

We started the class with an activity called What can you do with your face? We puffed out our cheeks, blinked our eyes, wiggled our chins and tried to touch our tongues to our noses. Who knew that there were so many ways to move your face. Our older classes also played a memory game. I used a very large blanket to wrap around myself to begin, then I started asking the children questions about what I was wearing under the blanket. Did I have on a necklace? What color were my pants? Are there flowers or stripes on my shirt? Did my shoes have laces? etc. The children were surprisingly good at remembering.
After some discussion that everyone wears underpants we played a game using a sign that said Stop! on one side and Go! on the other. As I said a person, animal or object the children would hold up their sign on Go! if that person does wear underwear. For example Mom, Grandpa, Sister and even Astronauts do wear underwear. Giraffes, chairs, crocodiles and babies do not wear underwear, so the children would hold up the Stop! side of their signs.

Next week: Shoes and Socks
Michele, Children's Librarian

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