Thursday, February 9, 2012

Story time Review

These Shoes are made for Walkin'... to Story time!

This week we read stories about shoes and socks, including New Socks by Bob Shea, Jenny's Socks by Carol Murray, Which Shoes would you Choose? by Besty Rosenthal, Smelly Socks by Robert Munsch, Lizette's Green Sock by Catharina Valckx, and Shoe Shakes by Loris Lesynski. Before we began reading I had the children look at their shoes and compare the different types of shoes, we also discussed the tread on our shoes and noticed the different shapes we found. Some children were wearing boots, some sandals and some had light up shoes.

We had a fun guessing game where I put items in a sock and had the children try and guess what was inside. The stapler was easy to guess as was the rock. A pine cone and toy ladybug were much harder. We danced to Dancing Feet and Put Your Little Foot both from the Dancing Feet CD by Carole Peterson.  We created a pair of "Alligator Feet" using green construction paper, some craft foam triangles for toenails and some tissue paper for scales. These had the center cut out so the children could slip them over their hands or feet and pretend to be an alligator.

Next Week: Valentines Day
Michele, Children's Librarian

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