Saturday, April 21, 2012

Buying Nonfiction E-books

I took my first excursion into buying e-books last week and they'll show up in our card catalog now and in Overdrive. I should have purchased some months ago before the price went up but I didn't know it was going to happen. The popularity of e-books soared after Christmas with so many people receiving e-readers as gifts and that's about when the pricing changed.  The average price for a new, popular nonfiction e-book is around $80  right now and some go up from there. I was a little disappointed that the vendor did not have many of the titles I was looking for and some I did want had such high price tags. I am glad that the State Library shares so many of their e-book collection with us so that we might have more to choose from - even if you have to wait awhile for them.  Some of my choices to buy ended up being books that walk out of the library, by themselves, frequently. These include new age kind of books like astrology, palm reading, occult and wicca books. I even got an ASFAB book because those disappear too. I feel badly not having these books on the shelves when people want to read them but it gets very discouraging replacing them over and over. It is exciting to have them available someplace they are going to stay put and not disappear.


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