Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Life as a Clerk at the Library

There are many times I have been told, "Don't you just have the best job?  I would love to work at the library."  That was my philosophy before I started working at the library and it still is.  This is "the best job."  It is the most quiet time in my life.  I can come running in just on time because my life outside the library is crazy, and it is mostly quiet and peaceful.  Now, don't get me wrong.  There are times that working at the library is crazy and we love our patrons.  We appreciate you coming in and keeping us busy.  In fact, I've said many times to one of the librarians that I would rather have it a little busy than have it not busy at all.  Then I have to find things to do to fill the time.  I would much rather be able to interact with the patrons, and enjoying their personalities.  At the library we do have plenty to keep us busy when we are not helping our patrons.  We repair the books that have problems, we cover new books so they can be added to our shelves, and we call patrons when the books they have requested on hold come in, just to name a few.  Working at the library as a clerk is very rewarding and I couldn't work with a better group of women.  The librarians, the clerks, and the pages are all a fabulous staff.  Working with the public is very rewarding.  It is so much fun to interact with all who come in to the library.  Thanks so much for making my life as a clerk at the library great!


Brigham City Carnegie Library said...

Yeah, Lisa! Thanks for writing on the blog!

Reichart said...

This was fun to read about. I love the library and the friendliness of all the employees. Thank you! I would love to learn more about all the things that keep the library running day-to-day. Just an idea to tuck away for a future post?