Saturday, April 14, 2012

National Library Week 2012

We celebrated National Library Week 2012, April 9-14. We had a lot of fun things going on at the library. We sponsored a coloring contest for children ages12 and under. We had a daily Create your own caption cartoon contest. We had a book exchange night where people could come in and trade their own books with someone else and get something new to read and we sponsored a talented magician, Al Lampkin for a fun family magic show. We participate in the annual Snapshot Day which gives a view of all the activities that happened in Utah Libraries on a certain day. We counted everything from the number of books checked out per hour to the number of questions that the staff were asked.  This was in addition to our usual 4 weekly Story times, 3 weekly drop-in Free Reading Times, our monthly Parent/Kid book group, our parent class for Utah Kids Ready to Read and our adult Gardening series. Whew! We were a busy place to visit this week.

Winners of the coloring contest were: Jianna Downey, age 5, Warren Hansen, age 6, Lacey Dirks, age 9 and Kim Downey, age 11. Congratulations to our winners who received an art supply kit as their prize.

Winner of the Create your Own Caption were:  Monday- Ayden Essler age 10, Tuesday- Mylee Fisher age 9, Wednesday- Emma Pinkston age ?, Thursday- Jessica Norman age 13, Friday-Jordan, age ? and Saturday- Lindsey Scott age 10. These winners will receive a book.

Over all we had a great week celebrating what a great place our library is. Thanks to all those who celebrated with us by entering contests and coming to programs and classes.

Michele, Children's Librarian

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