Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Reading "Becoming Sister Wives"

Okay, I admit it... I have watched the TLC show Sister Wives and I was interested to read their new book. I wasn't counting on much, but I actually enjoyed the book. I think it would be a very hard lifestyle and I wondered how they all manage. Each chapter of the book is written by a different wife or Kody and it is divided into four parts - how they met - how they relate to one another - how they raise a family and how they cope with celebrity.  They talk honestly about the conflicts they have, personality types,  and who-likes-who best. You get to see a little bit different dynamic through the book than you do in the show. They do not talk much about their religion, the Apostolic United Brethen Church, or its principles. They also didn't share much about how Kody divides his time amongst everyone. For women who seem to want the sisterhood of other wives so much, it seems they all get along better living in separate houses and only seeing one another occasionally.  Is that how it is supposed to work?  I don't know...


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