Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Remember our contest!

We were finally back in Idaho, heading to Utah, and this this time it was actually my husband who decided we should stop at the last two Carnegie libraries on my list, the Idaho ones we didn't stop at on the way to Oregon.

The Caldwell, Idaho library was a bit sad to visit. It sits all alone and abandoned on a busy street...well it isn't alone, there is a bank next to it, but it is sitting empty. The Caldwell School district was the last to use this building. We peeked in the front doors and you can see all the remodeling they did for offices but it all looks kind of old. We walked around the outside of it and saw that although the building looks rectangular from the front it actually is longer in the center (where the fronts steps are) and goes back quite a way, making it bigger than it looks from the front.

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