Saturday, September 8, 2012

Peach Days at the Library

All is quiet at the library but I can hear the announcer at the parade and the scent of hot dogs is already seeping in.  I walked to the library today to avoid parking difficulties and traffic congestion. I walked along with the 10K runners and saw all the people cheering them on along the way. Since I got to the library I have been getting things ready for the $1 a bag book sale.  I had to change all the signs, find bags, get money ready, and organize. We already have books coming in for the next book sale so I had to take them to the closet. We do not restock the book sale as it goes along so that Friends of the Library are always assured they have best pick of anything we put out during the Friends Only Sale.  Anyhow, now I feel I've had my workout for today. I should have worn my pedometer to see how many steps I've gotten in.

Some of the other routine things that need to be done every morning are checking in books from the book drop, getting the cash register ready, checking in the newspapers and putting them out, turning on computers and sometimes updating them, and locating books patrons have put on hold over the Internet.
Today we'll also have to make sure we have plenty of toilet paper because the highest volume of people we have in the library today will be here only to use the bathroom - we actually get lines!

The library opens late today at noon, after the parade, so another hour to go before the influx (we hope) of book buyers and patrons.  The courtyard is starting to get busy with shoppers and browsers so you've missed the only quiet part of Peach Days.  Come one down!


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