Friday, December 21, 2012

Box Elder News Journal

I just watched a webinar for the Utah newspaper search that is free from the State Library at  This database is a little complicated to use because all the tool bars are so small and difficult to know how they work without some help or a tutorial. This database has most of the local Utah newspapers, though, so it is a great resource. I was especially excited to see the Box Elder News Journal there from August 2004 to November 2012.  There is a two week lag so you cannot see the most current paper.

This resource is helpful to me because I can print an article without having to scan or copy the actual newspaper. If you've ever tried to copy an article from the newspaper, you'll know how tricky it is to get it to fit on the paper correctly. You can also save a copy of a page to your computer and you could even send what you saved as an attachment in an e-mail to someone. Since we do not purchase the Journal online, this enables our patrons to have access to the entire archived weekly paper through their computers at home by simply typing in our library access code.


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