Friday, January 4, 2013

The lost and found drawer

The lost and found drawer is full again. I thought you might be interested in the items that people leave at a library. We are going to have a display of all the items sometime soon, but in the meantime, here is a list. Can you guess what the most commonly left item is?

We have:
2 women's sweaters
1 girl's coat
1 beaded top to a formal gown
2 ball caps
1 child's skirt
1 fabric bag
A stuffed: unicorn, dog, Boyd's bear, Spiderman, singing bird
Clip board with papers
2 calculators
Toy: squirrel, purse, cell phone, hippo, warrior, 5 cars
Computer keyboard
1 deck of cards
2 pairs of gloves and 3 single gloves
1 plastic shovel
1 teething ring
1 glossy lips
1 music cd
A collection of bracelets
1 baby sock
1 princess wand
1 elephant necklace
1 football
1 block
1 sewing unpicker
2 oriental fans
1 back scratcher
2 flash drives
1 pair of reading glasses, 1 regular pair of glasses in case
1 set of earphones
1 bookmark
Several reward cards
1 chapstick
1 photo frame
1 key
1 pencil carrier
1 Letter from ITT
1 set of receipts
1 homework folder
1 ring
4 pairs of adult sunglasses and 3 children's sunglasses


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