Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer Releases

What will you be reading this summer? Start making your summer reading list now, here's a list of some of the new adult books coming out in May and June that you may want to consider adding to your summer reading list:

Second Honeymoon Second Honeymoon
By Patterson, James
Author Roughan, Howard
2013-06 - Little Brown and Company
9780316211222 CHECK CATALOG

FBI Agent John O'Hara is deep into solving the case of a honeymoon killer, while Special Agent Sarah Brubaker is hunting another serial killer, whose victims all have one chilling thing in common. As wedding hysteria rises to a new level, John and Sarah work together to decipher the logic behind two rampages. …More

The Heist The Heist
By Evanovich, Janet
Author Lee, Goldberg
2013-06 - Bantam
9780345543042 CHECK CATALOG

A brand-new series from #1 "New York Times"-bestselling author Evanovich and Goldberg, bestselling author and television writer for "Monk." What's an FBI agent to do after she's caught the world's most wantedNand irresistibly charmingNcon man? Partner up with him. …More

Lost Lost
By Bolton, S. J.
2013-06 - Minotaur Books
9781250028563 CHECK CATALOG

Ten-year-old Barney has been on a quest to find his mother since she left when Barney was just a toddler. But everything changes when children about Barney's age--and all from the same neighborhood where he lives--start disappearing and turning up gruesomely murdered. …More

The Ocean at the End of the Lane The Ocean at the End of the Lane
By Gaiman, Neil
2013-06 - William Morrow & Company
9780062255655 CHECK CATALOG

The author's first new novel for adults since his #1 "New York Times" bestseller "Anansi Boys" is a bewitching and harrowing tale of mystery, survival, memory and magic that makes the impossible all too real. …More

Island Girls Island Girls
By Thayer, Nancy
2013-06 - Ballantine Books
9780345528735 CHECK CATALOG

Bestselling author Thayer returns to her beloved Nantucket in a highly emotional, wholly entertaining tale of three sisters forced to confront the past over one event-filled summer on the island. …More

Sisterland Sisterland
By Sittenfeld, Curtis
2013-06 - Random House
9781400068319 CHECK CATALOG

Born with peculiar psychic abilities, Kate and her identical twin, Violet, knew from an early age that they were unlike everyone else. Though Vi embraced her visions, Kate did her best to hide them. Years later, their different paths are about to collide through a devastating premonition. …More

The 9th Girl The 9th Girl
By Hoag, Tami
2013-06 - Dutton Books
9780525952978 CHECK CATALOG

Number-one "New York Times"-bestselling author Hoag brings back her fan-favorite Minneapolis investigators Sam Kovac and Nikki Liska in a haunting new thriller. Hoag's most recent books have been among the biggest bestsellers of her career. …More

And the Mountains Echoed And the Mountains Echoed
By Hosseini, Khaled
2013-05 - Riverhead Books
9781594631764 CHECK CATALOG

Hosseini, the #1 "New York Times"-bestselling author of "The Kite Runner" and "A Thousand Splendid Suns," has written a new novel about how people love, how they take care of one another, and how choices resonate through generations. From Kabul to Paris to San Francisco to the Greek island of Tinos--the story expands gradually outward, becoming more emotionally complex and powerful with each turning page. …More

Beautiful Day Beautiful Day
By Hilderbrand, Elin
2013-06 - Reagan Arthur Books
9780316099783 CHECK CATALOG

The Carmichaels and the Grahams have gathered on Nantucket for a wedding. Plans are being made according to the bride's late mother, who left behind specific instructions for every detail. Everything should be falling into place for the beautiful event--but in reality, loved ones find their own lives crumbling amid scandal and broken hearts. …More

The Shadow Tracer The Shadow Tracer
By Gardiner, Meg
2013-06 - Dutton Books
9780525953227 CHECK CATALOG

An explosive stand-alone thriller from the Edgar Award-winning writer Stephen King called "the next suspense superstar." Can a person ever really disappear for good by going off the grid? And what happens when vanishing is no longer an option? …More

A Conspiracy of Faith A Conspiracy of Faith
By Adler-Olsen, Jussi
2013-05 - Dutton Books
9780525954002 CHECK CATALOG

The "New York Times" and internationally bestselling Danish crime writer Adler-Olsen returns with the third thriller in his exhilarating Department Q series. Detective Carl Morck has received a bottle that holds an old and decayed message written in blood. It's a cry for help. …More

The Eye of God: A SIGMA Force Novel The Eye of God: A SIGMA Force Novel
By Rollins, James
2013-06 - William Morrow & Company
9780061784804 CHECK CATALOG

Commander Gray Pierce and SigmaNjoined by a pair of Vatican historiansNrace to uncover a truth tied to the fall of the Roman Empire, to a mystery bound in the roots of Christianity's origins, and to a weapon hidden for centuries that holds the fate of humanity. …More

Protector Protector
By Palmer, Diana
2013-06 - Harlequin Hqn
9780373777716 CHECK CATALOG

"New York Times"-bestselling author Palmer takes readers back to Texas, where Hayes Carson is a lawman. Hayes has long been suspicious of Minette Raynor, who is both mysterious and beautiful. But he's convinced that she was involved in giving his brother the drugs that killed him. …More

The Long War The Long War
By Pratchett, Terry
Author Baxter, Stephen
2013-06 - Harper
9780062067777 CHECK CATALOG

The follow-up to Pratchett and Baxter's "New York Times"-bestselling novel "The Long Earth" follows the continuing adventures and travails of heroes Joshua and Lobsang as humankind's expansion throughout all the Long Earth threatens the future of humanity itself. …More

Sweet Salt Air Sweet Salt Air
By Delinsky, Barbara
2013-06 - St. Martin's Press
9781250007032 CHECK CATALOG

From "New York Times"-bestselling author Delinsky comes the story of a woman who has a secret that may save the life of her best friend's husbandNor destroy him. What Charlotte and Nicole don't know is that they are each holding a secret that may change their relationship forever. …More

Bad Monkey Bad Monkey
By Hiaasen, Carl
2013-06 - Knopf Publishing Group
9780307272591 CHECK CATALOG

Hiaasen is back doing what he does best: spinning a wickedly funny, fiercely pointed tale in which the greedy, the corrupt, and the degraders of pristine land in Florida--now, in the Bahamas too--get their comeuppance in mordantly ingenious, diabolically entertaining fashion. …More

Invisible Murder Invisible Murder
By Kaaberbol, Lene
Author Friis, Agnete
2013-06 - Soho Crime
9781616953287 CHECK CATALOG


The King's Deception The King's Deception
By Berry, Steve
2013-06 - Ballantine Books
9780345526540 CHECK CATALOG

Cotton Malone is back! Berry's new international adventure blends gripping contemporary political intrigue, Tudor treachery, and high-octane thrills into one riveting novel of suspense. …More

The Last Original Wife The Last Original Wife
By Frank, Dorothea Benton
2013-06 - William Morrow & Company
9780062132468 CHECK CATALOG

The "New York Times"-bestselling author dissects a successful marriage in this heartfelt tale full of her infectious wit, irresistible charm, and sultry Southern atmosphere. …More

The Silver Star The Silver Star
By Walls, Jeannette
2013-06 - Scribner Book Company
9781451661507 CHECK CATALOG

From one of the bestselling memoirists of all time comes a stunning and heartbreaking novel about an intrepid girl who challenges the injustice of the adult world in a triumph of imagination and storytelling. …More

Burdens of the Dead Burdens of the Dead
By Lackey, Mercedes
Author Flint, Eric
Author Freer, Dave
2013-06 - Baen Books
9781451638745 CHECK CATALOG

The sequel to "Much Fall of Blood" and book 4 in the Heirs of Alexandria series. Civilization is at a crossroads. In an alternate Renaissance where magic works, a captain of Italian forces must deal with gods, goddesses, and warfare in order to save his daughter at the siege of Constantinople. …More

Choke Point Choke Point
By Pearson, Ridley
2013-06 - Putnam Adult
9780399158841 CHECK CATALOG

When a journalist reveals the existence of an Amsterdam-based sweatshop that employs and enslaves young girls, private security firm Rutherford Risk is hired to find it and shut it down. But with enemies around every corner, combat veteran John Knox can't tell the good from the bad. …More

The Doll: A Vanessa Michael Munroe Novel The Doll: A Vanessa Michael Munroe Novel
By Stevens, Taylor
2013-06 - Crown Publishing Group (NY)
9780307888785 CHECK CATALOG

Scarred from a life of violence, information specialist Vanessa has a reputation for getting things doneNoften dangerous and not-quite-legal things. When a human trafficking ring kidnaps her to transport a high-profile starlet, she's prepared to destroy those responsible. …More

Earth Afire Earth Afire
By Card, Orson Scott
Author Johnston, Aaron
2013-06 - Tor Books
9780765329059 CHECK CATALOG

One hundred years before "Ender's Game," the aliens arrived on Earth with fire and death. This is the story of the First Formic War. Victor beat the alien ship to Earth, but just barely. But it wasn't enough to convince skeptical governments that there was a threat. …More

Gameboard of the Gods Gameboard of the Gods
By Mead, Richelle
2013-06 - Dutton Books
9780525953685 CHECK CATALOG

Mead, the #1 bestselling author of the Vampire Academy Series debuts the first novel in her Age of X series. In a futuristic world, Justin March lives in exile after failing in his job as an investigator of religious groups and supernatural claims. …More

If You Were Here: A Novel of Suspense If You Were Here: A Novel of Suspense
By Burke, Alafair
2013-06 - Harper
9780062208354 CHECK CATALOG

Magazine journalist McKenna Wright is chasing the latest urban folktale--the story of an unidentified woman who heroically pulled a teenaged boy from the subway tracks, seconds before an oncoming train. When McKenna locates a short video snippet that purportedly captures part of the incident, she thinks she has an edge on the competition. …More

Joyland Joyland
By King, Stephen
2013-06 - Titan Books (UK)
9781781162644 CHECK CATALOG

A stunning new novel from one of the bestselling authors of all time. Set in a small-town North Carolina amusement park in 1973, "Joyland" tells the story of the summer in which college student Devin Jones comes to work as a carny and confronts the legacy of a vicious murder. …More

The Kill Room The Kill Room
By Deaver, Jeffery
2013-06 - Grand Central Publishing
9781455517060 CHECK CATALOG

A U.S. citizen in the Bahamas is shot by a sniper par excellence--a man capable of delivering a "million-dollar bullet" into the heart of his targets, a mile or more away. The investigation reveals that the victim, a man known to have strong anti-American sympathies, was assassinated by the U.S. government. …More 

Ladies' Night Ladies' Night
By Andrews, Mary Kay
2013-06 - St. Martin's Press
9781250019677 CHECK CATALOG

Rising media star and lifestyle blogger Grace Stanton's own life gets torpedoed after she drives her cheating husband's sports car into the family swimming pool in a fit of anger. Soon she's locked out of her own palatial home, checking account, and blog, and forced to move in with her widowed mother in a page-turning beach read by a bestselling author. …More

Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns
By Weisberger, Lauren
2013-06 - Simon & Schuster
9781439136638 CHECK CATALOG

The sequel to the sensational #1 bestseller "The Devil Wears Prada." Eight years have passed since Andrea "Andy" Sachs quit working for "Runway Magazine"--a dream that turned out to be a nightmare. Now Andy's on the top of the world as an editor: but she's still haunted by the specter of her former boss. …More

A Serpent's Tooth: A Walt Longmire Mystery A Serpent's Tooth: A Walt Longmire Mystery
By Johnson, Craig
2013-06 - Viking Books
9780670026456 CHECK CATALOG

The inspiration for A&E's "Longmire" finds himself in the crosshairs in the ninth book of the "New York Times"-bestselling series. Cord Lynear is searching for his missing mother but clues are scarce. Longmire and his crew come to help. …More

Steadfast: (Elemental Masters #8) Steadfast: (Elemental Masters #8)
By Lackey, Mercedes
2013-06 - Daw Books
9780756408015 CHECK CATALOG

The latest novel in the bestselling series of an alternative Edwardian Britain, where magic is real and Elemental Masters are in control. It doesn't take long for a magician's assistant and acrobat to see that her boss is no ordinary magicianNand for him to discover that she's no ordinary acrobat. …More

That Certain Summer That Certain Summer
By Hannon, Irene
2013-06 - Fleming H. Revell Company
9780800722494 CHECK CATALOG

When two distant sisters are reunited in their hometown one summer, they are forced to come to grips with mistakes from their past and learn how to forgive, let go, move on, and love again. …More

Zero Hour Zero Hour
By Cussler, Clive
Author Brown, Graham
2013-05 - Putnam Adult
9780399162503 CHECK CATALOG

The dazzling new novel in the #1 "New York Times"-bestselling series from the grand master of adventure. It is called zero point energy, and it really exists--a state of energy contained in all matter everywhere. Nobody has ever found a way to tap into it, however--until one scientist discovers a way. …More

Inferno Inferno
By Brown, Dan
2013-05 - Doubleday Books
9780385537858 CHECK CATALOG

In his international blockbusters "The Da Vinci Code," "Angels & Demons," and "The Lost Symbol," Brown masterfully fused history, art, codes, and symbols. In this riveting new thriller, he returns to his element and has crafted his highest-stakes novel to date, featuring the Harvard professor of symbology, Robert Langdon. …More
The Redeemer The Redeemer
By Nesbo, Jo
Translator Bartlett, Don
2013-05 - Knopf Publishing Group
9780307595850 CHECK CATALOG

A fantastically gripping thriller from the internationally acclaimed author of "The Snowman," "The Leopard," and "Phantom." Antihero police investigator Harry Hole chases a desperate, faceless contract killer at large in Oslo at Christmas. …More


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