Thursday, September 17, 2015

Playaway Launchpads
Do your kids love using your tablet, but you’re unsure which apps are appropriate and educational for your young child?  You can now borrow a new Playaway Launchpad, a kids only learning tablet now available here at the library! It’s a 7-inch tablet with a high-definition touchscreen, speaker, and a protective bumper. There’s no need to worry about batteries. A patron will get about 4.5 hours of continuous educational play from a fully charged Launchpad, so it’d be great if you want to check it out before a trip with a long drive. A battery indicator will let you know when it’s running low. It has a USB/AC power adaptor, and you can use Launchpad while it’s charging whether at home or in the car. Parents will like that it has a volume control and a universal audiojack. Each Launchpad has more than 10 preloaded apps and is free of Wi-Fi and camera capabilities, so you can control your child’s user experience. There’s no risk of exposure to unintended content.
A custom designed user interface gives children the opportunity to make every Launchpad experience their own by creating a personal avatar, plus an informational console gives feedback to parents about time spent on the tablet.
These tablets come in fun, bright orange packaging, a charging cord (with both USB and AC adapters), and a durable case, perfect for little hands.  There are currently 25 tablets available, each pre-loaded with high-quality, interactive learning apps geared towards a particular subject area, including math, science, and language arts, and each with a different theme, such as pizza, colors, and monkeys.  The tablets are also divided by age group:  3 – 5 (PreK – K) and 5 – 7 (Grades K – 2).  They are easy to use and come ready to play with award-winning apps.
Tablets check out for 3 weeks on any adult card in good standing. You must sign the use and care agreement before you take any tablet home. Since we have a limited number of tablets, they will be limited to 1 per card. Not sure if taking responsibility for a tablet at home is for you? We have 5 tablets set up here at the library for your kids to try out. Come in and see this exciting addition to our children's collection.
Have questions about Playaway Launchpads? Call Michele Schumann at the library for more information or visit the webpage to learn more. 
 Michele Schumann
Children's Librarian

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