Tuesday, October 27, 2015


The Key to a Taco is a fresh Tortilla

Sue Hill

4 Stars

October 27, 2015

This is a very thorough book just on Tacos. Salsas and toppings are included, but chef is correct in his demand that a great taco must have a freshly made tortilla. A fresh warm tortilla in corn or flour is an absolute. I can attest to this experience. He does give suggestions that are practical for the home cook to achieve the texture and grind for homemade corn tortillas. And the versatility of flour tortillas is not ignored. I especially appreciated the tips on tortilla warmers. Keeping them warm without getting soggy is critical. All the classic tacos are covered. As well as seafood and vegetable tacos. His story of discovering "cheeseburger tacos" in Mexico was great. I can hardly wait to try that recipe. I have a collection of Mexican cookbooks. The taco is such a basic. If you become an expert in this one food item, you can serve a Mexican feast that covers every flavor, texture, meat and salsa. But if you just learn to make a fresh tortilla with this book, then it is worth the investment for this skill alone. You will never buy a package of tortillas again.

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