Thursday, December 10, 2015

100 Word Story Contest Winners

If you missed our Gala the other night you can still read the winning entries from our 100-Word Story Contest.

Many thanks to all of the writers who entered the contest. We had 26 Entries and they were all so much fun to read. Our judges had a really hard time deciding, but we did have to come up with only 4 winning entries.

All of the entries were posted in the auditorium at the Centennial Gala so members of the community could enjoy them all as much as the judges did. The winning entries were read aloud during the Gala program.

Age category: Kids up to 11 years old

 Penguins Like to Read, Too!

Penguin walked into the library. But then he was sent out of the library. “Sorry, but no pets in the library,” the librarian said. “I’m not a pet!” cried Penguin, but the librarian wasn’t listening much. Penguin folded his arms and stood his ground. The librarian went back inside, paying no attention to him. Then Penguin tried the doors, and they were locked. He sat down and started thinking of a plan. Then he saw a girl, and got an idea. He sat still. The girl saw him and picked him up and walked into the library. Penguin was happy.

Author: Eva K.  

Age category: 12-17

“That’s it?” Mark inquired. Avery nodded, slowly opening the cover of a book she had pulled from the library’s shelf. Instantly, a small blue dragon flew out. Mark jumped backwards and smashed his head against a shelf, making Avery laugh. The dragon circled, turned, and landed on her shoulder.

A noise from the hall caused her to slam the book shut. The dragon faded as the librarian rounded the corner. Seeing the two of them, he froze. Then, when he saw the book in Avery’s hand, he relaxed.

“Imagination is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?” He smiled and walked away.

Author: Deren B.  

Runner Up
Age category: Adult

 I stared in disbelief at the paper held between my quivering fingers. Anger and confusion conflicted within me.  I read the words again, still unable to comprehend the sheer size of the amount on the overdue notice from today's mail. Four thousand three hundred forty seven dollars and five cents.  I would have thought it impossible to rack up this much in fines, but here it was before my eyes, like an evil omen. It will take years to pay this off. There is one thing I now realize, though, quite clearly, even distinctly. Someone has stolen my library card.

Author: Brad F. 

Grand Prize
Age category: 12-17

The library was empty and silent. Dust had gathered on the books, undisturbed for ages. I picked up the nearest book and flipped through the pages. The ink was faded and the pages worn. I crept along slowly, farther into the building. And then I saw it. Before me sat a large leather-bound book. I felt drawn to it. I lifted the cover to see an intricate drawing of a bustling village. My fingers brushed against the page. I smelled freshly baked bread and heard unintelligible shouting. A woman carrying a basket bumped into me. Somehow the library had disappeared.

Author: Anna J. 


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