Friday, October 7, 2016

A Simple System For Discovering Your Personal Style

Sue Hill

5 Stars

October 7, 2016

  This book is about what works for YOU. It starts with a look at your current outfits (as opposed to pieces in your wardrobe). She asks you to take pictures of your outfits for two weeks and then looks at your FAVORITE outfits, that you felt the best in, and helps you analyze them to figure out WHY you love them and then build your whole wardrobe around those elements. This is different from every other challenge I've looked at, which have you look at all the clothes you WORE and build your wardrobe around the pieces you wore, which is NOT the same as building it around your favorite outfits.

Walking away from this book I am purging a good chunk of my wardrobe but now have a clear set of guidelines for building it back up. I have a color palette, a couple of go-to outfit formulas, and a very specific but concise shopping list, of what I want to add, in order of priority. I finally feel like I've reached an end-goal and don't need to purge anymore! All that's left is to find the few pieces on my shopping list, and enjoy finally having my ideal wardrobe.

This book' design is very clean and minimalist like your closet should be.  Her exercises make you really realize what works for you.

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