Monday, February 6, 2017

This is just a preposterous book. And I haven't read a book that was so engaging and so much fun in a long time. Will is lured into being a reluctant "spy"... he's a travel writer who's to bring back contact info and gossip from his around-the-world travels and give it to his beautiful but ruthless handler. The book takes off from there. It's a spy novel so, obviously, things are not what they seem. The pace is breakneck and like any good spy novel, the action takes place in diverse locales. There's sex, mystery, and action. If you're a spy novel junkie like me, this book has all the expected elements and then some. But you can also kind of figure out what's going on. So that, for me, knocks off a star. However, if you're headed to the beach this summer, going on a long plane ride, or if you simply want a good fast-paced yarn, "The Travelers" is for you. Highly recommended for spy novel fans. Recommended for anyone else looking for a fun read.

t’s a well written cat and mouse game. The plot is intriguing and I actually think this might make a killer movie.

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