Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A Journey Into The Art of A Manga Artist

A Journey Into The Art of A Manga Artist

Sue Hill

5 Stars

August 29, 2017

This book proved to be not only educational to me, but also inspired me to doodle and let the sketching fly of the blank sheets of paper, but for me it was notebook lined papers… The wealth of the artistic journey taken by Mark Crilley and shared in the book was very fascinating to me. Every page contained technique, story behind it and the variety of challenges which reader can embrace during reading and art processes… Love his work… The artist always encourages for his reader to try new styles, new backgrounds, new colors, and new strokes. Combination of two different styles might bring some new and stunning results… or it may come disastrous! But it’s never revealed until one tries to risk it all in order to broaden the artistic view and discover new potential illustration.
To summarize the book, he provides much detail to the tools he used for each image.
Many contain the sketch to final product with some of them taking the whole page to clearly notice the detail.
There are 5 chapters: Characters, Japan, Science Fiction, Conceptual Art, and Style Play
You can tell Mark really stepped out of his comfort zone to provide as much explanation and suggestions to his viewers
considering that everyone has their own style and tastes, he went above and beyond to support as many he could and had fun while doing so.
I would recommend this book to other art lovers, illustrators, and manga fans!

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