Friday, October 13, 2017


If I could rate it 6 stars, I would. This is the rare kind of book that makes you question your reality. It is utterly consuming in it's exploration of truth and deception. The characters are minimally developed, just enough to make the reader all too aware that this could be you. Unlike so many stories of it's type, it is not a roller-coaster ride, it's the ride that paralyzes you with ever increasing centrifugal force. Need to Know by Karen Cleveland is a thriller without physical violence, a spy story with no trade-craft, a family novel without pathos, sympathy, and with problems you never want your loved ones to face. Insidiously powerful images juxtapose a home-cooked meatloaf with a thug watching your kid leave a school tainting everything that's familiar with terror. The ending is stunning.

I could not put this book down! Not to be biased, of course anyone could read this, but this is a spy novel written more for a woman. A female criminal analyst finds herself fighting for her family, caught between Russian spies and her love for her country.

I love spy novels.  I have had a hard time getting into the books I have been reading.  This book was one I could not put down.  This book will not be out until January, so remember the title.

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