Monday, November 6, 2017

Warning Light by David Ricciardi

I found myself not being able to put it down. "Jake" is a character that you can definitely relate to, and you find yourself wondering often what you would do in his situation(s). Rich with technological, geographical and multi-cultural information, this book was not only intriguing, but informative as well. I especially found Jake's reflections on his boyhood with his aunt and uncle to be realistic and moving, making his experience all the more meaningful and human. I would definitely recommend this book to friends!
The scam that got our agent in place had to have been well orchestrated and appeared to be quite plausible. The Iranians were suspicious enough to arrest the man on espionage charges. The story follows his evasive tactics after his escape,as he relies on his remarkable resourcefulness. His life experiences have provided him with knowledge that proves invaluable.The chase moves with sprint-like speed. The pace never slows and when change occurs in the storyline and the agent barely escapes, it is though the baton has been passed without loss of a step or a second.

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