Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Election websites for students

The School Library Journal presented this list of sites that teach students current events and some historical content dealing with our current elections.

One of the chanllenging aspects of the president's job is managing the federal budget. This site lets students take the federal budget for a test-drive. A colorful, animated interface provides players with the data to help them make those tough decisions, such as how much to allocate toward national defense and what about health care?

Student News is a 10-minute news program with content created specifically for kids and updated every day.

Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index
An excellent resource for editorial cartoons to spark a discussion. This site is updated daily and easily searchable by topic.

A free 3-D multimedia online game in which students can make tough decisions in their run for the White House. The game may be saved for later play.

Living Room Candidate

This site features a collection of TV campaign ads from 1952 to 2004. Clips are searchable by year, type of commerical, and political issue.

This Web site asks users to answer some basic questions on key issues using actual quotes from the candidates without connecting the quote to the candidate. A subsequent report matches your answers with the candidate that best fits your views.

The focal point here is an interactive map predicting the current election's outcome based on polling data. Students can modify the map by changing the winner of any state and see the impact on running totals at the bottom of the map. Student could also create an electoral college map from scratch based on their own selections.


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See also US Election Cartoons at CSL CartoonStock's NewsCartoon Service.

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It would have been better to link to SLJ, rather than clip and post our story. Here it is:
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