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Try a New Book Every Week!

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The library is now offering online book clubs. What exactly does that mean, you might ask. Well, when you sign-up for a club you'll be introduced to a new book every week by receiving a 5-minute read in your e-mail Monday-Friday. By the time the week's finished you've usually read the first 2-3 chapters of the book.

After you've started the book in your e-mail you can decide if you'd like to finish it or not. If you'd like to, just check the library's catalog. If we don't have it, you can always request that we get a copy. There are also online discussions to join if you want to chat with others about the book you're reading - and it's a national chat, several of which will include the book's author.

If you decide it's not your kind of book, just wait till the next Monday and a new book will be coming.

The clubs sometimes even post notes about a book's content at the start of each 5-minute read. For example, this note appeared right before the read on one of last weeks titles: *This book contains adult language.

There's 12 clubs to choose from and you can sign up for as many or a few as you'd like. Sign-up now so you don't miss the first e-mail. (Although you can go back and catch up.) Next week's books include:

Book Cover Rabbit in the Moon
By Shlian, Deborah
Shlian, Joel
2008/06 - Oceanview Publishing
9781933515144 CHECK CATALOG

San Francisco, 1989: Forty years after Mao and his People's Liberation Army set poised to change China forever, Dr. Lili Quan prepares for a journey that will change her life forever. To honor her mother's dying wish that Lili 'return home, ' Lili reluctantly sets out for China.For Lili, a passionate idealist, this will be an extraordinary trip filled with remarkable discoveries - from meeting and falling in love with Chi-Wen Zhou, a victim of the Cutural Revolution and zealous Taoist, to finding Dr. Ni-Fu Cheng, the grandfather Lili believed had died years ago. But Dr. Cheng has made the most remarkable discovery of all: he's discovered the secret to long life.As Dr. Cheng's only relative, Lili's life is in jeopardy. As greedy and unscrupulous men vie for control of the most earth-shattering discovery of the century, Lili Quan could beco ...More

Book Cover Before Green Gables
By Wilson, Budge
2009/02 - Berkley Publishing Group
9780425225769 CHECK CATALOG

This remarkable and heart-warming prequel to the classic "Anne of Green Gables" has been specially authorized by L.M. Montgomery's heirs to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the publication of the original novel. ...More

Book Cover

Final Impact
By Birmingham, John
2007/01 - Del Rey Books
9780345457165 CHECK CATALOG

" The action is nonstop, the characters very real- and very different from each other- and, to coin a phrase, it makes you think."
- S. M. Stirling, author of Island in the Sea of Time
In the year 2021 a multinational fleet- experimenting with untested weapons technology- pitched through time, crash-landing in 1942. The world is thrown into chaos as Roosevelt, Hitler, Churchill, Tojo, and Stalin scramble to adapt to new, high-tech killing tools, and twenty-first-century ways of war.
For " uptimers" like Britain's Prince Harry and the men and women who serve aboard the supercarrier USS Hillary Clinton, war is a constant struggle with their own downtime allies, who are mired in ignorance and bigotry.
As the Allies counter the Nazi assault and set off for the coast of France, Japan begins to buckle, soon every battle will be

Book Cover Remember Me?
By Kinsella, Sophie
2008/11 - Large Print Distribution
9781594133114 CHECK CATALOG


Book Cover The Fate of Katherine Carr
By Cook, Thomas
2009/06 - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH)
9780151014019 CHECK CATALOG

George Gates used to be a travel writer who specialized in places where people disappeared--Judge Crater, the Lost Colony.Then his eight-year-old son was murdered, the killer never found, and Gates gave up disappearance. Now he writes stories of redemptive triviality about flower festivals and local celebrities for the town paper, and spends his evenings haunted by the image of his son's last day.

Enter Arlo MacBride, a retired missing-persons detective still obsessed with the unsolved case of Katherine Carr. When he gives Gates the story she left behind--a story of a man stalking a woman named Katherine Carr--Gates too is drawn inexorably into a search for the missing author's brief life and uncertain fate. And as he goes deeper, he begins to suspect that her tale holds the key not only to her fate, but to his own.


Book Cover The Necklace: Thirteen Women and the Experiment That Transformed Their Lives
By Jarvis, Cheryl
2008/09 - Ballantine Books
9780345500717 CHECK CATALOG

BookPage Notable Title

Original, resonant, and beautifully told, this book is an inspiring story about a necklace that became greater than the sum of its links, and about thirteen ordinary women who understood the power of possibility, who touched the lives of a community, and who together created one extraordinary experience ...More

Book Cover Don't Turn Around
By Morgan, Hunter
2008/07 - Zebra
9780821779477 CHECK CATALOG

Casey McDaniel, a domestic violence victims' advocate, finds her life turned upside-down after her friend's killer is set free and she discovers that someone is stalking her. Original. ...More

Book Cover The Red Siren
By Tyndall, M. L.
2009/01 - Barbour Publishing
9781602601567 CHECK CATALOG

Fiery redhead Faith Westcott is a lady by day and a pirate by night. Dajon White, a brave captain in the British Royal Navy, scours the Carolina coast for pirates and smugglers. However, when he is asked to take guardianship of Faith and her sisters, he finds himself in deep water--especially when he begins falling for Faith. ...More

Book Cover The Only True Genius in the Family
By Nash, Jennie
2009/02 - Berkley Publishing Group
9780425225752 CHECK CATALOG

From the author of "The Last Beach Bungalow" comes a portrait of a family in all its heartbreaking complexity. ...More

Book Cover Perfect Selling: Open the Door. Close the Deal.
By Richardson, Linda
Gschwandtner, Gerhard
2008/06 - McGraw-Hill
9780071549899 CHECK CATALOG

Top sales trainer Richardson distills her expertise into quick tips and techniques, providing succinct lessons in structuring and perfecting the key steps of a sales call in just 20 minutes or less over a five-day period. ...More

Book Cover Dare to Prepare: How to Win Before You Begin
By Shapiro, Ronald M.
Jordan, Gregory
2008/01 - Crown Business
9780307383266 CHECK CATALOG

"Dare to Prepare" contains powerful and practical personal stories from business, sports, music, and medical dynamos about the most underrated way to succeed: by good old-fashioned preparation. ...More

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