Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer Reading Continues

Registration of our Summer Read-at-Home and Teen Read and Win programs is now complete. 556 kids and teens ages 3 to 17 are participating this year. We have completed 3 of our weekly prize drawings. We have 3 age catergories, with 4 winners from each, for a total of 12 winners each week. The following were winners so far:

Week 1- Tayten Bodily, Wyatt Nichols, Bethany Bradbury, Alta Stott, Leia Isaacsons, Kirsten Keller, Lilly Martinez, Gabriel Parkin, Kaylie Weight, Garrett Jennings, Emily Johnson, Tyler McCellan

Week 2- Lars Hansen, Elizabeth Everton, Bekah Chase, Caleb Johnson, Mitchell Cochran, Kade Robinette, Sierra Thornley, Marci Harris, Rebekah Peck, Travis Franklin, Jacob Murdock, Ben Miller

Week 3- Haylee Peck, Josh Draper, Troy Baugh, Sarah Henstra, Quinn Rupper, Amy Hiatt, Selina Johnston, Kitsel Lusted, Shaylee Redington, Austin Poll, Elijah Baird, Kiran Kohler

Congratulations to our winners! If you haven't won yet, we will have three more weekly drawings. Remember to get your tickets into the drawing box by 5:00 p.m. on Saturday. Good Luck and Keep Reading!

Michele, Children's Librarian

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