Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ePrep for the SAT and ACT Available Now!

I just got this in my e-mail from MyLibraryDV yesterday and I thought I would share it with everyone. You'll need your Brigham City Library card number to access any of the video on MyLibraryDV - If you have any questions just call, 723-5850. Download MyLibraryDV now!

Here's the e-mail they sent -

Come Visit Our New Channel!*

Now featuring a new channel focused
on educational programming.

it’s academic

Study Aids
–ePrep for the SAT and ACT
Created by education and test preparation experts, ePrep has been developed around a unique set of guiding principles that includes step-by-step guidance by expert teachers.

This dynamic tool is used to engage and instruct viewers in reading the literary classics by using a visually stimulating multimedia presentation. Each chapter is broken down event by event, with an analysis that includes outlining character development and the use of traditional literary devices.

Young Adult Life Skills

For young adults of all backgrounds, these topical programs provide a realistic guide to the challenges they’ll face after graduation, whether from high school or college. These videos offer helpful advice for managing finances, landing employment, and making one’s way in the world.

Green Matters
This series offers viewers a look into what’s being done around the world, and what we can also do, to help reduce mankind’s carbon footprint. Each program brings hopeful information from governments, corporations, environmental agencies and individuals who are finding ways to improve our planet. Using the latest global perspective, this life-changing eco-friendly series deals with all things “green.”

Dramatized Biographies

In each video, the featured historical figure, at a major turning point in his or her life, crosses paths with a young person. Through their interactions, viewers learn about the famous person’s life. Historically inspired, yet dealing with contemporary social values, this unique series makes history appealing to the whole family.

*Please note this has replaced the Documentaries channel.


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