Friday, January 22, 2010

Robert B. Parker

I was just thinking that we'd had a nice break from hearing bad news about the deaths of any popular authors and then Erich Segal died, and now of top of that, we have the death of Robert Parker. Why do bad things always come in groups?

Mr. Parker's death, at the age of 77, came as a shock to everyone. Last Monday, he had just eaten his breakfast and seemed fine, but his wife found him slumped over his desk an hour later. His cause of death is still unknown.
Robert B. Parker was a prolific writer. He had written more than 50 novels, 37 of them in the "Spencer" series. This character was the basis for the 1980's TV series "Spencer: for hire" starring Robert Urich. Mr. Parker said the only thing he liked about the program was the residual checks. He was inspired to create the character "Spencer" because he missed the writing of Chandler and his famous detective, Philip Marlowe. Jesse Stone was another popular character of Mr. Parker's seen in current series portrayed by Tom Selleck.

Parker won two Edgar Awards and a Grand Master Edgar in 2002 for lifetime achievement. A new Jesse Stone novel, "Split Image" is scheduled to come out next month, and several other books were in process. You read more about Robert Parker on his website at Sad to see his last blog was written in April 2009.


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