Friday, February 12, 2010

Book banning? What comes next?

We believe that all people, children included, should be free to read about anything they wish. That being said, however, we often hear from parents who wish to limit their child's exposure to certain topics. So we also believe that parents have the right to guide their child's, and only their child's, reading.

Parents often request that an item be taken out of the collection for a variety of reasons but it is our stance that books can change lives and that every topic should be available to those who wish to read about it. We also believe that it is not our job to censure topics or books by age. We believe that decisions about what books and materials are suitable for a particular child should be left to those who know that child the best--their parents.

Not every book is right for every patron, but providing a wide range of reading choices is vital for learning, exploration, and imagination. The abilities of reading, speaking and thinking and expression of ideas are core American values and should be protected by librarians everywhere.

Michele, Children's Librarian

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